What to expect when you come for a consultation

We’re excited to meet you in person to discuss how you can plan for your best retirement. If you’ve made an appointment to see us, check out this short video so that you can be ready for our meeting. If haven’t made an appointment to come in and meet with us, feel free to do so!

Please have with you:

1. Copies of your most recent financial statements: 401k, IRAs, non-qualified accounts, bank CDs, etc.

2. Life insurance policies or any long-term care insurance policies

3. Your most recent tax returns

We’re excited you’re coming in for a consultation at Taylor Retirement Services. Our goal is to help you gain confidence in your financial future, and to protect your assets so that you can retire comfortably.

Together, we will build financial strategies for you so that your retirement income will continue to support you as long as it needs to.

Park around back! Once you come in, Jocelyn will greet you and get you settled in. If you have specific concerns about your finances, please bring them in as part of our discussion.

To prepare for our meeting, we invite you to browse through our YouTube channel for any specific topics that you might have questions about. Our channel provides educational videos on life insurance, annuities, tax strategies, and other topics.

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us using the contact form below:

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